• Before requesting trial, do this

    Download the Smart IPTV app on your TV, either Samsung/LG smart TV, also Amazon firestick/box or android TV.

    1. Press the "smart hub" button or the"home" button on your remote.
    2. Click on "FEATURED", then "CATEGORIES", then "VIDEO" 
    3. Search for the app called SMART IPTV and download it.  
    4. Open the app and you will see a "mac address".(e.g 00:1A:79:BB:34:3M)
    5. Write down the mac address.
    6.  Go to http://siptv.eu/mylist
    7. In the middle of the page, under the heading "Upload local IPTV playlist File or External playlist URL with auto-update", enter your mac address in the box next to"MAC".
    8. Next, you need a playlist. Get your D9TV playlist when you order a free trial here http://denzelbuilds.com/whmcs/cart.php?gid=5
    9. Your playlist would have been sent to your email, copy and paste it next to the box marked "URL".
    10. Press "Upload" you should see a message saying "1 URL added! Restart the app."
    11. Restart the app & Enjoy D9TV!

    *If you need help, email us at d9tvsolutions@gmail.com

    Download our official app from Google Play Store

    Watch D9TV in action!

    Watch D9TV on your Android Box/Phone using STBEMU

    Download stbemu PRO apk below

    1. Open the internet browser on your android box. 
    2. Enter our website address...https://d9tvsolutions.com
    3. Navigate to "how to install" and scroll down until you reach the secton of the page that you are currently reading and download the stbemu apk from here.
    4. Go to File Manager on your android box and scroll down to Downloads. Install the apk from there.

    *To configure the apk, see last post below.

    How to install D9TV on firestick

    Very Simple

    1. Go to amazon app store, find downloader and install it 
    2. Start downloader and enter this url and click download - http://4kfreetv1.com/stb.apk (allow to update if asked)
    3. Now go to applications >>> manage installed applications, and find stb emu (pro) and click launch application

    • To configure the stbemu app, see post below.

    How to Configure STB Emulator on Android Box or Firestick

    Download the stbemu apk to your android box first.

    • Download pro version here

    1. Open the stbemu pro apk.
    2. Press menu on left hand side. (3 horizontal lines) 
    3. Click change profile data and rename it D9TV(optional)
    4. Click portal settings and enter
      http://d9tv.denzelbuilds.com:25461/c in the portal url
    5. Go back to menu and click on stb configuration and click stb model and use mag 255.
    6. Scroll down and set screen resolution to auto.
    7. You will see mac address in this menu as well. Take note of that as we will need that to add it to the panel. (Very important)
    8. Go back out to the menu and select media player and make sure it's set to "auto" (default).
    9. Go back to main screen and click the menu again on the left and click Common Settings and make sure that Accelerated Renedering is set to Hardware.
    10. Check your email for confirmation that your mac address was activated.
    11. Restart the app and wait for it to load.
    12. Grab your favorite drink and enjoy!

    Below there are some screenshots that will be helpful.